Using Microsoft Word For Beginners

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Course Title: Using Microsoft Word For Beginners

Course Duration: 1h 42m

About this course

This course is people who have never used word before. We start at the very beginning by learning how to open word and open a blank document. The course will then cover :

Opening Word.

Selecting a blank document.

How to save your work.

Preparing to type.

Starting to type.

Using the dictation function.

How to correct suggested mistakes.

An introduction to fonts.

How to change font.

How to change the font size.

How to change the font colour.

How to make a font bold.

How to underline a font.

How to download an image using Google images.

How to insert an image into your work.

How to resize an image.

Finally we will ask you to make a one page piece of work using the skills you have learnt. We would love to see this piece of work, so ask that you send it to us by email When we recieve your work we will send youa certificate toshow that you have completed our course.

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Course Curriculum

Word For Beginners
[sayit] Join our instructor Tom as he talks you through and demonstrates the skills you will need to start to use Word. From opening the word app to inserting a picture into your work Tom will help you through every stage. By the end of the course you will be asked to use these skills to creat a one page piece of work. [sayit/]

  • 06:21
  • 10:47
  • Word For Beginners: lesson 2: Saving your work
  • Word For Beginners Lesso 4: Using Words Spelling Correction
  • Word Foe Beginners Lesson 5
  • Word For Beginners Lesson 6a: Inserting An Image Part 1
  • Word For Beginners Lesson 6b: Inserting An Image Part 2
  • Word For Beginners project: Complete A One Page Piece Of Work