Photography For Beginners

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Course Title: Photography For Beginners

Course Duration: 1h 27m

About this course

This course is for those who have never used a camera or similar device before.

The course can be completed using a camera, smartphone or tablet.

Our photography instructor Ern will guide you through and demonstrate the basic skills you require to take photographs and some very easy to understand composition tips to improve your images.

In this course you will learn:-

Some words you will need to know to complete the course.

How to turn your camera on or access a camera app.

How to take a photograph.

How to review the photos you have taken.

What you need to look for when reviewing photos.

How to focus a camera or smart device camera app on your subject.

How to fous on your subject and then move the camera to recompose the image.

An introduction to photographic composition.

Why composition is important.

The rule of filling the frame.

How to zoom your camera.

By the end of the course you will be able to take well focused images taken using two simple rules of composition.


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Course Curriculum

Photography for beginners
[sayit] Join our photography instructor Ern as he introduces you to some words you will need to know and understand to complete this course. [sayit/]

  • 02:30
  • Words You Will Need To Know
  • Taking A Phoptograph
  • Reviewing Your Photographs On your Device
  • How To Focus On Your Subject
  • An Introduction To Composition
  • Filling The Frame and Zooming