Our Courses

The FTConnect courses are virtual learning courses designed specifically for adults with Learning Disabilities.

The subject areas have been picked to best suit a wide range of interests as well as a suite of courses that have been designed to serve social needs that are pertinent to our students such as Internet Safety and Social Skills.

The videos have been created in real time with slow, clear instructions and explanations as well as animations in some of the videos. The courses are also planned with clear Schemes of Work so that the learner or their parent or carer can see what they will be learning before each session and see the overall aims and objectives of each lesson and the course overall.

The courses are designed to scaffold learning with the videos providing the opportunity for repetition if a learner gets stuck at a particular point. They are designed at different levels so that a learner can start with no knowledge of a subject and work their way up to becoming more advanced in the given skillset. There is also the opportunity to share work and progression in our ‘member’s gallery’ so that a community of likeminded learners can develop.

We hope in the future to collaborate with exam boards to create materials to guide the learner through specific qualifications and are currently working with the Tizard Centre, a world-renowned research institute based at the University of Kent. We have specifically collaborated with them on the topic of Internet Safety.